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What to expect from a trained caretaker at home?

Having a trained caretaker involves having a wide range of healthcare services that the customer or patient can avail at the comfort of their own home. Most of these services are required after an injury, surgery, during chronic illness or for senior citizens. These healthcare services at home, always turns out to be more convenient and sometimes even economical as compared to the services available during hospitalization. Since, the hospitals has a number of patients admitted, they cannot provide proper individual care as per the requirement. But when having a trained caretaker at home, the patient gets undivided attention as well as individualized care plan accordingly. Apart from medical administration, the caretakers also provide assistance. The patient is able to get hospital-like care at home and gets the opportunity to heal among their loved ones and in their home, away from the sickening hospital environment.

The demand for trained caretakers at home has drastically increased in the health sector. More families are opting for home healthcare services to avoid long-term hospitalization. Due to this, there are now a number of agencies and organizations offering these services at a range of price. But how do one knows, which agency is the best provider? Continue to read to know all the basic points and services you can be benefitted with?

What services can be availed from a Trained Caretaker?

Depending upon the provider, the trained caretaker can offer a wide range of services starting from normal medical administration to assistance in mobility. Various agencies offer different level of care. Therefore, it is important that one must inquire regarding all the services that can be offered in emergency situations. Determine the level of care that your patient requires, and then select accordingly.

However, these are the services that a trained caretaker can offer:-

  • Surgical wound care or dressing
  • Providing Injections
  • Timely medications
  • Daily Nutritional Intakes
  • Monitoring health vitals
  • Elderly care
  • Preparation of meals
  • General grocery shopping
  • Light housekeeping
  • Assistance in Mobility
  • Maintaining Personal Care and Hygiene
  • Catheterization, and many more..

What to expect from your Trained Caretaker?

Once you have selected the agency, they will appoint a trained caretaker for you. The caretaker will then first consult the patient’s doctor to understand the patient’s condition as well as know about any special precautions or care if needed. The caretaker will then visit the patient’s house to become familiar with the environment and the surroundings. They will then proceed to the formation of an individualized care plan for the patient. Some agencies include the family members while making the care plan therefore, do ensure that your involvement is included. The caretaker will know about all the habits, allergies, hobbies and dislikes of the patient, for a better analysis. Afterwards, the caretaker will follow the plan and keep the doctors informed regarding any change in patient’s health or behaviour. The caretaker will also keep the family members updated regarding the daily activities and patient’s response.


One of the leading home healthcare services provider, Indo Global Homecare has achieved a top position in the healthcare sector. With our experienced, highly-qualified and trained caretakers, we have always ensured 100% customer satisfaction. Our caregivers offer a wide range of services that includes-

  • Keeping a check and assisting in the patient’s diet and nutrition
  • Monitoring important health vitals such as pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc.
  • Assisting in changing positions in bed, walking, or sitting.
  • Maintaining personal cleanliness as well as hygienic surrounding
  • Coordinating with the doctors and family for better results
  • Grocery shopping and preparing meals
  • Ensuring in-home safety
  • Providing all kinds of physical and emotional support
  • Handling medical equipment feasibly

Our ultimate goal is to provide all the patient care services in the comfort of your own home and help the patient heal quickly. Our services are economically fair and affordable. With us you can be assured of the best hospital-like care. We offer both 12 hours and 24 hours in-home services. One of our members is 24*7 available to answer your call. In case, you are not satisfied with the caregiver, we will quickly replace him/her. Each of the trained caretaker has gone through strict background check and is registered with the police for your safety concerns. For emergency situations, Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd. also provides medical instruments on rent. Our caregivers are qualified enough to handle the equipment correctly. Contact us now for more information or visit our website or call us at 9212604635,