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What types of care are offered in home healthcare services?

Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd provides the most effective and quality care, attention, and support. It is a leading home healthcare service provider, facilitating its customers to heal in the comfort of their own home and eliminate the chances of hospital re-admission. One of our members is always available to answer your call 24*7 and provide the level of support required. Our caregivers for home healthcare service are thoroughly trained to provide feasible assistance and support in the normal day-to-day activities of people. From taking care of personal hygiene, assistance in mobility, feeding, and housekeeping, our attendants are trained to monitor health vitals such as pulse rate, blood pressure, sugar level, etc. regularly.

Our home healthcare service will begin with analyzing the patient, creating their individual care plan and consulting their loved ones to know their special requirements or habits. On the basis of the preferences, a caregiver is appointed and sent. Moreover, regular feedback is taken regarding the home healthcare service by one of our members to make sure that 100% customer satisfaction is achieved.

Nurses providing home healthcare services

Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd offers various types of home healthcare services such as:-

Senior Citizen Care –

We provide elderly care for senior citizens who need physical as well as mental assistance at home for day to day activities. Our trained attendants provide care and support to them. Contact us for more information about our 12 hours and 24 hours of home healthcare service.

Post-Surgical Care –

Taking care of your loved one, who has just gone through a surgery can be a daunting task for the family members. With the help of a trained nursing staff, you can make sure that your loved one is being taken care of properly even in your absence. Our home healthcare service can help them to heal quickly in the comfort of their own home by keeping a check on their health condition and activities.

Baby Care –

Our trained attendants provide home healthcare service to a mother who has just given birth to her child. Both the mother and the new-born require undivided attention during this time period. Our attendant will assist them in feeding, bathing, and housekeeping as well as provide timely massage and medications.


For people who are suffering from chronic pain, joints or muscle problems or arthritis, we provide physiotherapy under home healthcare service. Our physiotherapists are certified and experienced. They use physical activities, exercises and various techniques to improve mobility, and muscle strength. Having a physiotherapist at home will accelerate the healing process as personal attention is received.

Specialist Services –

We provide home healthcare services by specialists for people who are suffering from special medical condition or injuries. Along with the medications, the specialist uses their knowledge and skills to ease the patient’s recovery period. Contact us now and discuss your special requirements with our professionals.

Paralysis Care –

Patients suffering from Paralysis becomes dependent on others for even normal activities. They not only lose physical independence but also goes through a mental breakdown. However, with our home healthcare services, they can have someone by their side 24*7 to assist them emotionally as well as physically.

Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd provides a wide range of home healthcare services with the help of our trained and experienced professionals. Each of our attendants is verified and registered with the police and have gone through a strict background check. We also provide medical equipment 24*7 for patients. Our nursing staff is highly qualified to handle all the medical equipment, injections, and monitoring health vitals. Contact us to know more details regarding our home healthcare services or visit our website and book an appointment now!