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What are the benefits of having elderly care at home?

Majority of senior citizens or aging elders, prefer to live in their own house as long as possible. They enjoy the comfort and independence in their home. But for some tasks, it can be a little difficult for them to do it alone. There are a huge number of benefits of elderly care at home at such a point in time. Whether you are looking for elderly care at home for your parents or for yourself, it is a huge responsibility to choose the right one. These services are designed to help the elderly with their normal day to day activities as well as taking care of them when they are sick.

Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd is a leading organization that has successfully served families over the years. We aim to provide the best quality elderly care at home to the aged people who are need of assistance or company. From helping in bathing, exercising, preparing meals, grocery shopping, maintaining cleanliness, etc. our trained attendants provide a feasible and reliable elderly care at home. There are several things we must keep in mind when choosing an agency to assist our beloved ones. Keeping in mind all your concerns we have hired the best and trained team of professionals best suitable for quality caregiving. The following are the benefits of having elderly care at home –

verified nurse providing elderly care at home

Nutritional support –

The nursing staff for elderly care at home will help in the preparation of the meal as well as handle the grocery shopping. They will make sure that the food served is warm and fresh. The diet chart will be planned after consultation with their doctor and analyzing the medical reports. With the elderly care at home, you can be assured that proper nutrition is being provided to your beloved.

Personal Care –

It becomes difficult for aged people to bath or maintains their hygiene all by themselves. The attendant for elderly care at home will assist in bathing and help them to remain neat and clean. Moreover, from trimming nails, oiling hair, massaging, moisturizing, and the overall personal care will be maintained by the staff. Good hygiene ensures good health, therefore with the elderly care at home the personal hygiene is strictly maintained to avoid any infections.

Mobility Support –

As the people age, they start facing difficulty in changing postures or mobility. The nurse will assist them in mobility, toileting, exercising, changing sleeping positions, feeding or any tasks that require movements. The elderly care at home ensures that the senior citizens sleep or sits in proper postures and movements or change in positions are done properly to avoid any injuries. Constant position can cause pain and in the long term it may prove harmful.

Companionship –

The aged people always look for someone to talk or assist them. The nurses for elderly care at home are compassionate and humble. Their polite behavior helps establish a friendly bond with the elderly. Along with the care and attention, companionship is also provided to ensure their good mental health. Our elderly care at home aims to provide not only physical but also emotional support.

Health Check –

It becomes important to keep a check on the elderly health condition. The nurses are qualified and trained to handle medical equipment. The elderly care at home attendants maintains a record of their blood sugar level, blood pressure, pulse rate, and other important health vitals. From providing medicines on time to cleaning catheter bags or changing diapers, our nurses take care of all of these.

With our trained and experienced staff for elderly care at home, we reduce the risk of re-admission in hospitals or prevent sickness. The constant stay in hospital environment not only makes the senior citizens uncomfortable but also makes them feel weak and trapped. To ensure their quick healing and maintaining their health we make sure that they do not need to go to doctors and reduce their time to stay there. Our nurses for elderly care at home are chosen only after they have passed a personality test to check their patience level and nature to make sure they are fit for this delicate responsibility of caregiving to the elderly.

One of us is always available to answer your call 24*7. If by any chance you are not fully satisfied with the nurse appointed for elderly care at home, we will replace him/her. Our services are available at an affordable cost to make sure that the majority of families can avail the benefits of our best quality elderly care at home. We provide both 12 hours and 24 hours services. Contact us now for more information or queries.