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What services are offered by the Nursing staff for Patient Care?

The Nursing Staff for patient care or home health caregiver, is a trained and professional nurse who provides medical assistance to the patients in the comfort of their own home. Instead of the patients being hospitalized for a long-term, the nurses provide hospital-like care at home. With this in-home care facility, the patients gets a chance to heal among his/her loved ones. The nursing staff for patient care are well trained and qualified to administer patient’s medications, provide injections and medical treatment along with the supportive care related to the health conditions such as diabetes, tracheotomy, respiratory problems, colostomy, dressing injuries and many more.

They are dedicated in providing assistance to the elderly, chronically ill, physically disables, or cognitively impaired. Moreover, they perform the necessary medical therapies in the home of their clients to ensure their quick healing. Depending upon the client and their health condition, the nursing staff for patient care may provide simple medical administration, health monitoring and check-up care or complicated medical treatments and therapies over the ongoing recovery time period. Subsequently, the caregivers will pay a visit at the patient’s home and on the basis of their assessment, the required individualised care plan will be made.

In case, that your loved one requires not just medical care but complex care like assistance in mobility or bathing or feeding. In such cases, you must cross-check that the agency you are choosing provides a wide range of services.

Nursing Staff for Patient Care

Services offered by Nursing Staff for Patient Care

Indo Global Homecare Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of nursing staff for patient care in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. With their highly trained, experienced and professional nurses, we offer a wide variety of care. For patients who require more than just medical assistance, our caregivers will help them with:-

  • Feeding – Providing nutrition as well as help in preparation of the timely meals.
  • Medical Assistance – providing prescribed medicines timely.
  • Emotional Support – At these times, the patients want someone to be with them all the time and listen. Our humble nurses will provide emotional support to assure the mental well-being of the patient.
  • Checking health vitals – the nurse will maintain a record and keep in check the patient’s blood sugar level, blood pressure, weight, pulse rate and other vitals.
  • Assistance in Mobility – The staff will assist the patient in the basic activities, for instance, walking, changing positions in bed, getting in or getting out of chair or bed, etc.
  • Bathing and Dressing – Helping in regular bathing and changing of clothes.
  • Personal Hygiene – Helping in brushing, combing, shaving, self-cleaning, toileting, changing of diapers (if required) and many more
  • Other – catheterization, giving injections, washing clothes, changing bed sheets, keeping surrounding clean, helping in grocery shopping, etc.


Our nurses are trained and hold a vast experience in assisting the patients as well as providing the best care effectively. With all the above mentioned care provided by our nursing staff for patient care, Indo Global Homecare Pvt. Ltd. has successfully served families all over Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Apart from all this, our nurses will help in assisting the patient in transportation for appointments with the doctor. They will take care of the personal grooming and manage the light-housekeeping tasks. Our nurses do not administer medicines but they assist in organizing or reminding the patient regarding their medication schedule. The nursing staff for patient care has been appointed only after a strict background check and qualification of few examinations. Our nurses are registered with the police to maintain the authenticity of our services.

Each of our nurses are humble as well as sensitive towards the needs of others. They have a personality that helps them adapt with the patient and their home quickly. Due to their compassionate nature, the patients get comfortable with them in no time. With their assistance, the mental health of the patient is assured to allow their quick recovery. Our services are available for both 12 hours and 24*7. Our nursing staff for patient care is provided at an affordable price range. The ultimate goal is to help the people in need and ensure that the families get benefits of our services without digging a hole in their pocket. A member of Indo Global Homecare Pvt. Ltd. is always available 24*7 to answer your call. Contact our professionals now, discuss about the health condition and get the best caregivers at your doorstep.