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Who provides the best quality nursing staff for healthcare?

The health care sector demands the best quality nursing staff for healthcare at home. People now generally go for nursing services at their home to receive undivided attention and care and heal among their own loved ones. Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd is a leading healthcare organization, committed to providing experienced and qualified nursing staff for healthcare. Our nurses are highly qualified and well trained to provide hospital-like care at home. Our major goal is to be a partner of choice when it comes to providing healthcare services.

We understand the requirements of families and their concerns for their sick loved ones. To ensure their proper healing in the comfort of their own home and among the people they love, we provide reliable nursing staff for healthcare in Gurgaon and other Delhi NCR regions.Our nursing staff for healthcare is experienced in handling various medical conditions and providing care for the same. We choose the staff after analyzing the patient’s condition, house and special requirements of the client.

Our nursing staff for healthcare offers a wide range of services to make sure that the patient receives the best quality care and attention. Our nurses are compassionate and sensitive towards the need of the sick. They have been appointed only after going through various tests as well as personality and behavior check. With us, you can be assured of the best quality nursing staff for healthcare. Below we have provided the list of services that our attendants will provide.

nursing staff for healthcare checking health vitals
Home healthcare nurse checks senior female patent’s blood pressure during home visit. The nurse writes down the patient’s blood pressure reading on the patient chart.

Nutrition and Diet –

Our nursing staff will prepare a diet plan for the patient, after consultation with their doctor (if required). Our nursing staff for healthcare will ensure that the patient remains properly hydrated and is fed timely. They will assist in preparing meals as well as shopping for special ingredients included in the diet plan.

Hygiene and Personal care –

The nursing staff for healthcare will take care of the patient’s personal as well as the environment’s hygiene. They will help them in bathing, changing clothes, cutting nails, combing and oiling hair, changing bed covers, washing clothes, etc. Good hygiene is essential for good mental as well as physical health.

Maintaining health record –

The attendants are qualified and trained to handle medical equipment. The nursing staff for healthcare will maintain a record of the patient’s daily health. They will measure the heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, and other health vitals if required to keep a check on their condition and ensure their quick healing.

Physical and Emotional Support –

The patients usually go through a tough time while healing and face a lot of issues. Our attendants will not only assist them in mobility but will also provide emotional support to ensure their good mental health and keep them positive. Our nursing staff for healthcare are very compassionate and establish a friendly bond with the patient by little conversations.

Assisting in mobility –

The patients who are going through sickness or old face difficulty in even slight movements. The nursing staff for healthcare will assist them in toileting, changing positions in bed, walking, exercising (if prescribed) and other movements.

Providing medications –

The nursing staff for healthcare will ensure that medicines are provided timely to the patients. They are also experienced in providing injections. From cleaning catheter bags to changing diapers (if used), our attendants will handle it all. They will also assist the patients while going for an appointment with their doctor.

There are a wide range of care and supports offered by our nursing staff for healthcare. While choosing us you can be assured that your loved one is being taken care of and receiving constant attention and support in your absence. We aim in providing the best hospital-like care with our trained nursing staff for healthcare. Each of our attendants has gone through a strict background and criminal record check. They have been registered with the police to ensure 100% customer safety and satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to serve the families with our best services and help the patients heal among their family members.

Our services are available for both 12 hours and 24 hours depending upon the requirements. One of our members is always available to answer your call 24*7. Contact us now for more information regarding our nursing staff for healthcare in Gurgaon and other Delhi NCR regions.