You are currently viewing 10 points to consider when choosing a nursing care and attendants at home services.

10 points to consider when choosing a nursing care and attendants at home services.

If you are looking for a home health care agency to provide nursing care and attendants at home for yourself or your loved ones, there are several points that you must consider. There are a lot of circumstances under which someone decides to find a caregiver to assist them. However, before choosing an agency the first step is to determine what level of care is required for the patient. Generally, the home care agency offers two categories of nursing care and attendants at home- for skilled care and for custodial care.

In skilled care, the medical needs of the patient will be fulfilled such as providing timely medications, injections, keeping the health vitals in check, etc. It is provided under post-surgical care, mother and baby care, etc. In custodial care, the nursing care and attendants at home will be focused on providing assistance with the normal day to day activities. They will help in housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, personal care, feeding, etc. Therefore, you must first analyze the patient’s condition and then decide for yourself the level of care that will be suitable for them.

Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd is one of the leading providers of nursing care and attendants at home in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. We provide in-home services as well as all types of care. Before you choose an agency, note the points mentioned below and then choose for yourself.

1.      What is the range of services provided by the home healthcare agency?

Our agency provides a wide range of services such as Post-surgical care, Specialist services, Babycare, Paralysis care, Elderly care, Physiotherapy, etc. Our doctors are certified and our nurses are well-trained to provide hospital-like care at home to the patients.

2.      How does this agency hires and trains its staff for nursing care?

Each of our nurses have qualified our entrance examination and then appointed on the basis of their knowledge. Their educational qualification certificates have also been cross-checked to maintain the authenticity of our in-home services. The selected staffs have been strictly trained to provide high-quality care at home.

3.      Are the nurses and attendants verified?

Our nursing staff and attendants have been gone through a strict background check. They have been verified thoroughly and after being declared clean-chit of any unlawful acts, they have been appointed. Also, each of them are registered with the police.

elder receiving Nursing care and attendants

4.      How does the agency determine the care plan for the patient?

The nurses pay a visit to the patient’s house to become familiar with the environment. They consult the patient’s doctor to know more about the condition and ask for any special care instructions. On the basis of their analysis, an individualized plan is made.

5.      Does the agency include the patient and his/her family members while developing the care plan?

Yes. We include the family members or the patient to know about their special requirements, habits or issues. The care plan is shown to the members to ensure their satisfaction.

6.      What procedures does the agency follow, in case of any emergencies?

In case of an emergency, the nursing staff will contact the agency. One of our members is always available to answer the calls 24*7. We also provide medical equipment on rent to make sure the patient gets facilitated with various amenities.

7.      For what time duration does the agency provide its nursing care and attendants at home?

We provide both 12 hours and 24 hours services to ensure that the needs of each and every patient is fulfilled. Our variety of services are available 24*7.

8.      What services will be provided under the nursing care and attendants at home?

With our nursing care and attendants, the patient will receive help in assistance for normal activities, mobility, maintenance of personal care and hygiene, grocery shopping, meal preparation, feeding, bathing, providing medicines and injections, checking health vitals, changing sleeping position, washing clothes and dishes, exercises, and many more.

9.      Are the doctors certified?

Yes. Each of our doctors are highly qualified and certified to provide high-quality care to patients. They hold a vast experience in treating a variety of conditions.

10.  What to do if the client is not satisfied with the nursing care and attendants at home services?

Unfortunately, if the client is not satisfied with the appointed staff, they can contact us. We will change the staff and replace them with another attendant who has experience in caregiving to the patient with similar conditions.

Contact us for more detailed information regarding our services. Consult our experts regarding your condition and get the best reliable nursing care and attendants at home.