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Indo Global Homecare – Nursing Staff and Trained Attendants – a crucial role in the health sector

Nursing Staff and Trained Attendants play a crucial role in health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment. These health professionals are closest to the community and have a particular role in developing new models of community-based care and support local efforts to promote health and prevent disease. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “Nurses and midwives comprise the largest portion of the health professions in most of the countries.” They deliver the most important services at all levels of the health system. They promote health, improve patient care, service delivery and health outcomes. Due to this critical role played by the nurses, having quality education and training is of supreme importance in growing this vital healthcare sector.

After surgery or chronic illness, the patients require medical, professional and attentive assistance. With Home Healthcare Services, the patients are able to reduce their hospitalization duration and get high-quality hospital-like care at home. Patients get a chance to heal at the comfort of their own home and around their loved ones. This has led to an increase in the demand for nursing services at home.

The professional home care nursing services include a wide range of care and support services for individuals recovering from a hospital stay, injury, disabled, chronically or terminally ill. Patients who need medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment or help with the normal activities of daily living, will be benefited from these healthcare services. The ultimate goal of a home healthcare nurse is to ensure that the basic needs of the patient are met, provide timely medications and meals, help them heal comfortably at their own home as well as reducing the chances of re-admission to the hospital. The patients recover much quicker and better at their homes since the risk of infection decreases and the chances of re-admission to the hospital are also decreased.

Who needs home health care?

  • The elderly people going through any health problems, but who also want to maintain their independence in their homes with support from professional nursing attendants can choose home health care.
  • Patients while returning home after surgery, requires constant care, supervision, and assistance. They can enjoy the benefits of healthcare at home.
  • Patients undergoing any complicated treatment which requires the use of medical equipment and/or medication monitoring can seek help from a qualified and experienced nursing staff.
  • Adult children in need of assistance for their aging parents to have good quality elderly care at home.
  • Patients suffering from chronic diseases and disabilities, for instance, heart failure, kidney disease, or diabetes need careful monitoring and supervision. Most of the patients do not want to enter a nursing home or palliative care facility and rather prefer having healthcare services at home.

Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd

Indo Global Homecare located at Gurgaon, Haryana is a healthcare agency that provides nursing services at home. We offer a wide range of services such as elderly care, baby care, paralysis care, Post-surgical care and many more. Our nursing staff and attendants are well experienced, trained and qualified to deliver the best effective results. We only employ skilled staff who have gone through various tests and strict training before getting hired. Each of our nurses has their own area of expertise. We also provide Medical Equipment on rent in order to make sure that the patient’s needs are fulfilled during the time of any emergency. One of our members is always available to answer your call. However, you can visit our official website or contact us at 9212604635, 011-40526278 and 0124-4011805 for more details regarding our services and policies. Consult our experts regarding your requirements and get the best affordable nursing staff and trained attendants at home.