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Are you searching for Paralysis care at home? Contact us!

Paralysis is a medical condition usually caused due to a stroke or spinal cord injury or nerve or immune diseases. In this condition, the patient loses the ability to feel any sensation in the affected body part. However, there are two conditions in paralysis, when one side of the body is affected it is known as hemiplegia and when both sides of the body are affected it is known as diplegia. The patients diagnosed with paralysis not only lose their ability to feel but they also suffer a mental breakdown. In conditions like these, not only the patient but the family members also go through a hard time seeing their loved one in this condition. The patients require a lot of attention and assisting in even the smallest tasks as well as mental support.

In this crucial time, it becomes very daunting for the family members to give them proper care and attention, especially when most of the mature elders are working. Having a trained attendant for Paralysis Care at Home can be of great help. It will not only relieve you from their concerns but it will also help you spend quality time with them, while the other tasks are carried out by the attendants for Paralysis care at home.

There are a huge number of organizations offering Paralysis Care at Home services. It becomes a huge responsibility when choosing a caretaker who will take care of you or your loved one suffering from this condition. However, with this article, we will help you choose the right organization for Paralysis care at home. Indo Global Homecare is a reputed health care service provider who has successfully served many families with their excellent Paralysis Care at Home in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR regions. With the help of our trained and professional caretakers, we provide the best Paralysis Care at Home services. Our staff will take care of various factors that will help to make things better for the patient.

1.      Maintaining Hygiene and Personal Care –

Due to Paralysis, the patient becomes unable to look after their personal hygiene. Our caregivers appointed for Paralysis Care at Home will help the patient to change new and clean clothes every day. They will look after any sores on the body caused due to lack of mobility. Our Patient Care at home services includes, changing of the patient’s bed covers, pillow covers, maintaining cleanliness in the surrounding, and overall body care.

2.      Assisting in Mobility –

It is very important to make sure that the patient moves or changes positions in almost every 2 hours to avoid pressure formation on any particular body part. Our attendants will help the patient move in the right way to avoid any discomfort to them. Our attendants for Paralysis care at home ensure that the patient changes sleeping positions regularly and takes care of their movements.

3.      Providing proper diet –

In our Paralysis Care at Home services, from consulting the patient’s doctor for the diet chart to preparing the meals, our attendants carry out all the work feasibly. In this condition, the patients must eat fresh food and warm foods instead of colder food. The Paralysis Care at Home attendants takes care of the diet and timely meals to the patients.

4.      Mental and Emotional Support –

The worst thing that a patient has to face is to accept the fact that they have been diagnosed with this heartbreaking condition. In this crucial time of need, the attendants we provide for Paralysis Care at home not only assist them with their day to day activities but also treat them with compassion and provide them emotional and mental support. Having someone to talk to and share feelings with helps the patient be happy and avoid their chances of triggering depression.

5.      Body Massages –

Due to inactivity in the affected area, the blood flow becomes slow. Our Paralysis care at Home attendants provides suitable massage techniques to affected body parts to allow smooth blood circulation and relief to the patients. Our nurses are well trained to deal with situations like these.

Our all attendants for Paralysis Care at home, are strictly verified and registered with the police. With us, you can be assured of the best and reliable assistance for you or your loved one. Our services are available for both 12 hours and 24 hours. Contact us now for more details regarding the Paralysis Care at Home. 

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