Physiotherapy at Home

A physiotherapist uses physical activities, exercises and physical techniques to improve the mobility

Baby Care

It can be a real challenge to take care of a new born baby especially when it’s a first born child to the mother.

Nursing Services

We may not always be able to give them the hospitality or care they require at that time. 

Elderly Care

At times, we realise that our dearly loved ones have grown so weak that they can no longer take care of themselves properly.

Paralysis Care

Paralysis is mostly caused by a stroke or a spinal cord injury or nerve or immune diseases.

Patient Care/Attendant

Our attendants are given strict training regarding patient care at home and are taught to emphasize with the patient’s needs.

Indo Global Homecare Delivers Quality Care with Compassion....

With Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd, you can receive world class quality care within the comfort of your own home. We provide doctors, nurses and physiotherapists for in-home visits for diagnosis and assessment. Our staff has been appointed only after they have passed our rigorously hiring standards and have been registered with the police. We have a tendency to facilitate research lab tests reception and medical instruments for rent to create additional healthcare accessible for our patients. With our healthcare at home service, we will always ensure that the patients are receiving adequate care and undivided attention 24*7. Our nursing staff for homecare is compassionate towards the patient’s needs and provide the best possible support to them.

Why Indo Global Homecare ?

Indo Global Homecare Pvt Ltd is a leading home healthcare service provider in Gurgaon, Delhi. With our excellent team of trained attendants and skilled nursing staff, we have been serving families with our healthcare at home services. Our professionals offer a wide range of services like elderly care, baby care, paralysis care, post-surgical care, physiotherapy, specialist care, etc. Each of our staff have been appointed after strict background verification and on the basis of qualification. They are trained to provide hospital-like care at home to patients suffering from various health hazards. Our services are available for both 12 hours and 24 hours. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate recovery and help the patients to heal quickly in the comfort of their own home, around the people they love. Individualised treatment plans are made on the basis of patient’s assessment to make sure they receive the best care. Apart from these, we also provide medical equipment on rent to avoid any chaos at the time of emergency. We are here to answer your call 24*7.


Dr Dheeraj is very good, gentle and has in depth understanding of his field. He makes the patients feel comfortable by explaining about their problems in detail.
Rahul Singh
Indo Global Homecare are really good. His doctor is pacific and listens to the problem very patiently. He treated my back pain very efficiently. I would highly recommend his treatment.
Sandeep Mehra