Post Surgical Care

Post-surgical care is the care you need after a surgery during your recovering time phase. The type of care you require depends on the surgery you have gone through. After the patient is discharged, they might feel the need to have someone to take care of them through all the activities. We are here to provide General Duty assistants (GDA) who are very well trained to take care of you or your loved ones, during their critical time phase. Our nurses will enquire about your surgery and prepare a plan to ensure your fast recovery. They are experienced caregivers, who will help you in providing meals according to the diet plan, give you medications on time, keep your blood pressure and other vitals in check, help you with toileting and mobility, assist you for medical appointments, and other works.
Each of our Nursing staff for home care is especially trained to help you through the conditions while recovering after a surgery. They are experienced and trained caregivers who will treat you with compassion and understand all your needs.
The first 24 hours of the surgery can be the most challenging and the family members may find it difficult to give them the proper care. We are here to ensure you with the level of care that will be provided to the patient. Our staff is available 24*7 to answer all your queries.